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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  May 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> an officer shot in an apparent ambush. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. this is fox 5 news at 6. a d.c. police officer recovering from multiple gun shots while responding to a call in northeast early this morning. the accused gunman? a teenager and he is in custody. >> john henrehan has more with the latest. john. >> reporter: the patrolling d.c. police officer was shot. investigators believe three times after 5 this morning. his protective vest stopped one of the bullets from going into
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his chest. in a normally quiet residential neighborhood, gun fire ripped through the early-morning air. the neighbors said it sounded like it came from two different weapons. >> a number of shots like this. bang, bank. >> reporter: d.c. police say that -- bang-bang. >> reporter: they were asked to come to a residence on crittendon street because of a, quote, disturbance. >> a couple of other calls came in from the same address and the call changed to a man with a gun. >> reporter: some responding officers approached the residence from the ally behind it. an assailant was stationed atop a metal awning. he refused an order to drop a weapon he was holding and instead opened fire. >> we have one officer struck three times, preliminarily. one, one of the rounds actually penetrated underneath the vest and went through the shoulder. one round into the next and one
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round that was stopped in his chest. >> reporter: police returned fire but in the confusion of the gun fight, the young man escaped from the yard. dozens of patrolling officers from throughout the city flooded into the neighborhood inspecting every shed, dumpster, and garbage can. the suspect was discovered hiding under the porch of a house just a few doors down on crittendon street. he was taken into custody. >> he is described as a 15-year- old. investigators spent hours processing the crime scene while the wounded officer underwent surgery at a nearby hospital the wounded policeman is out of surgery and is described as in stable condition. at first, the police believe the teenager might have been struck by the returning fire but the teen suffered a cut and he was not shot. the assailant is not identified because of his age and is charged with assault win tent to kill while armed and will be presented in court on monday. >> john, were you able to find
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out anything from the neighbors about the teenage suspect's background or his preious behavior? >> four neighbors said he seemed like a nice kid, talked in a gentle way to older residents and seemed quiet. and no trouble with cops. one resident did tell me they thought he was on some kind of medication prescribed by a physician. but we could not get any details and the family didn't want to talk. >> thank you for that update, john henrehan. and following a developing story tonight, new details are coming out about that crash that killed a maryland state trooper. he was on duty here in howard county early this morning. investigators say that he may have been chasing a motorcycle at the time of the crash. a witness said that he passed by the motorcycle in hunters patrol car before it hit the back of the tractor-trailer. maryland governor o'malley spoke about the crash health
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today. >> i tragic loss of life. our hearts and prayer go out to the trooper and his family. our troopers do extremely difficult and dangerous jobs. >> reporter: trooper hunter was with state police since 2000 and leaves behind six children between the ages of 4 and 19. an early-morning crash left one person dead. it happened around 1:45 on bladensburg road in maryland. police don't have details. they know the car somehow left the road and the only person in the car later died at the hospital. the police are not releasing the victim's name just yet. the third and final victim from last sunday's deadly crash in olney was buried today. friends and family of 20-year- old john hoover attended his funeral in silver spring, maryland. hoofer and two other teens were killed when the car they were riding in ran off the road and hit two trees and a
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pole. the driver is facing felony hit- and-run charges. and an explosion in an arlington apartment left one person with serious injuries. fire crews were called to the home on carling springs road at 11:30 this morning. one person was flown to a burn center. neighbors say there was an explosion on the third floor that sent water pouring into the lobby and residents running. >> pretty bad. that is pretty bad. and to think that somebody was hurt in this. it's even worse. >> more than 100 people are out of their home and they're staying at a church across the street. people won't know when they will be able to go back home. if you smell gas, call 911 and leave whatever is on and whatever is off off. fans are upset about tailgating and they say this
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makes it less fun. you found people who said their experience won't be what they hoped for when they bought the tickets? >> reporter: right, maureen. officials at jiffy lube banned tailgating after a couple of drunk driving fatalities involving motorists who left the venue. and when you get up to the gate, you can go inside and buy alcohol, you can leave and come back when the concert starts, but you can't stay in the parking lot and tailgate. we spoke to a lot of people heading inside to the jason aldean concert who was not happy about the policy and they're basically stopping at businesses along the way to tail gait and -- tailgate. police are patrolling the area and another inappropriate behavior. the bottom line tonight is, why sell a megaticket for 6 concerts this summer and chen change the -- then change the rules? >> they conveniently sold the megatickets before they announced there would be no
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tailgating. frankly, if i had known that, i won't have bought them. >> i think jiffy lube shot themselves in the leg with this. >> and they'll be lucky to get a country artist to come here next year. >> and there is a chance. even though i love country music, they're kind of ruining it for everyone. >> you can see the line of traffic is still waiting to go up to the pavilion to check in for the concert tonight. a lot of people interested in this one and i want to tell you a new facebook page sprung up and they're asking people to boycott buying the alcohol inside the pavilion. more than 6,000 people joined in support and there are tons of prince william county police officers tonight. they're enforcing the new policy and basically, they say if you're caught on the lot tailgating, you'll be charged with trepassing. back to you. >> thank you, audrey barns. a warning for people who want to enjoy the beautiful weekend on the water.
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boaters and anglers should avoid the upper potomac river saying recent rains created hazardous water levels from cumberland to little falls and people shouldn't go on to the water until monday. high water forced closures at some parks. the flooding is not devastating like they thought. that is the best comfort folks in parts of louisiana can take today. the evacuation order has been pushed back, though most people have already left and that damage done is significant, though, and people whose livelihoods are on the line can't seem to catch a break. >> fishermen can't fish, we can't operate at all, and the fishermen's homes are flooded. that right there is just, you know -- [ indiscernible ] >> and yesterday, three bargees full of corn sank and the coast guard shut down a five-mile stretch of the river because bargees broke free and hit a bridge. i think we all know this one. is the end of the world here?
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>> i don't think so. >> i don't either. >> apparently the latest a pocket limittic production is not quite right, thank goodness, right? we talked to people to see what they think about the doomsday chatter taking over the internet and the airways. air waves. 
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>> dozens of bikers showed up at saint joseph's church this morning to be blessed. you can see him doing it there and the father led the third
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annual blessing of the bikes, prayed for the safety of the riders and prayed their machines don't break down. as a former biker himself, father harris said that there is a lot of misconcessions about that community. >> sometimes it can be scary from our looks, but, you know some of the most holy and wonderful people are bikers. when you look at things for the holidays and toys for tots, bikers are always involved in that. >> father harris walked around the bikers and offered individual blessings for them and the riders. according to the virginia department of motor vehicles, 227 motorcycles were registered in herndon as of 2009. 16,000 throughout the county of fairfax and more than 185,000 statewide. speaking of blessings, the crew of the international space station got a blessing from the pope. the pope had a personal message for the shuttle commander mark
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kelly. >> i know he's a victim and i hope that continues to improve, her health. >> he offered condolences for an astronaut whose mother recently passed away. commander kelet and left of the crew were part of the first- ever call from the pope to space. the pope called the conversation extraordinary anditol the astronauts, quote, you're our representatives and with possibilities for our future. people preparing for the 6:00 p.m. apocalypse. they might be wondering what in the world happened here? >> and we hope you were prepared for the newscast. the latest prediction for the end of the world appears to be off the mark. the 89-year-old predicted the world would end today at exactly 6:00. the retired engineer sparked a fire storm with some people quitting their jobs and spending their life savings. the rapture was supposed to take the saved to heaven followed by earthquakes around the glob. this is the second time of -- globe. this is the second time one of his predictions fell flat and predicted the end of the world
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in 1994. >> does he have any other predictions, i wonder? >> i don't know. another republican has his eyes on 2012. >> meanwhile, the other candidates and likely candidates are on hot on the campaign trail. we're following newt gingrich and mitt romney on that journey they hope leads them to the white house. stay with us. 0 agnd bco
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>> >> we're always polite when the sun is shining, places like the chilly cook error erroroff, right? and a lot of folks came off of this. the group is holding their 32nd annual chili cookoff in northeast d.c. and that is the largest single-day fund raising event for the kidney foundation. thousands of people expected to stop by and they usually do to take in all kinds of chili, for more than 100 cooks and there is some live music, includeing weezer. it goes until 8:30 tonight. bring your manners and appetite. bring it all. >> a big fund raiser. >> yes, it is. >> and that is fantastic. >> if you had sunscreen. >> and there is a lot of that. today, boy was it warm. >> and that is perfect. >> it was. no complaints. >> upper 70s, no 80s and there is that live shot.
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and a lot of cup is shine, dry weather expected go for it, going to be beautiful. 81 officially, and unofficially at reagan national and dulles, 80 and the humidity is nice and low and a few clouds moving through and that is enhancing the sunshine across the region and going to be a nice evening and a descent sunday. we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast by late in the day tomorrow and here are the current temperatures, 80, reagan national and 79 in gaithersburg; 84, frederick and cooler by the bay. annapolis, 74 at the moment and just a fantastic-looking afternoon. the temperatures will gradually fall into the low 70s here in washington and overnight lows later tonight in the comfortable range in the upper 50s and low 60s. mentioned the 80 in washington
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and to the south and west, we have heat and humidity. the humidity is building off to the south and west as well and this is going to move in our direction. del rio, texas, 98 degrees and 87 in new orleans; 83 in st. louis and this warmer and more humid weather will start to be picked up on southerly winds here as we get into the morning hours tomorrow and that is going to feel more summery than today. and there is the satellite radar. a few clouds across the region and there is not a lot to talk about. the showers and thunderstorms to the north and west. with the high pressure in charge, that will allow us to cool down. the overnight lows into the low 50s and 60s and well off to the neither and east and drug dragging the showers and thunderstorms with it and that is out of here. to the west, not a lot is happening. a few thunderstorm watchboxes posted across the central plains and into texas.
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most of the country is fairly quiet and this is our next weather maker and had is going to make the treasure tomorrow. the warmer, more humid air. we could see a few showers of thunderstorms kick up tomorrow afternoon and unlike today, a possibility of a few showers and thunderstorms. this is your future cast and 9, 10 tomorrow morning, a few clouds around and a partly sunny day tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, trying to give us a few light showers. late tomorrow afternoon and they'll get out of here by monday morning. the beautiful wind tonight, clear skies, cool temp. 63 is the overnight low and out of the west at 5 miles per hour and tomorrow, partly sunny skies and they're going to be widespread and not search going to see them. 85, you will notice the humidity on the increase as well and this is the five-day forecast. sunday, 85; monday, a shower or
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thunderstorm a possibility. 88. and that is heat and humidity, 90 degrees and not ready for that. we're going to get the upper 80s here on wednesday and thursday and that is going to be summery around here into early next week and no cooldown in sight,. >> and in that 90 degrees temp. >> one or two and that is a cool month here. >> one day it's coal and the next day, hot and stay hot. >> makes it difficult to plan a party. >> it sure does. and another republican throws his hat into the ring. herman cane announced his 2012 presidential bid and made the announcement during a rally in atlanta. cane never held elected office and while he's an unknown to most of america, he won a straw poll at a national tea party summit held in arizona earlier this year. the republican primary is underway. announced candidates and potential competitors are hitting the campaign trail and early primary and caucus straights. peter deucey has the latest on
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the presidential hopeful. >> reporter: herman cane is the fourth big name to officially announce his candidacy. the others ron paul, newt gingrich and gary johnson. some of them hoping to unseat president obama. they're spending their weekend now with the all-important early voters. gingrich is in iowa today, shaking hands with the folks at the orange tulip fest. rick sanitor sum in iowa as well and said on fox and friends this morning, he likes his chancesgate against this competition. >> this is a chance for republicans to do something they haven't had a chance to do. and it's usually been the next person in line's turn and republicans have always had a choice of, you know, that next person in line. this is a wide open race. >> reporter: the candidates are spread wide across the map. new hampshire is where the former ambassador to china gave the commencement at southern new hampshire university and south carolina is where mitt romney is showing his face for the first time this campaign
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season. he took heat from some voters in the palmetto state for skip the debaste that -- debate that happened a few years ago. even though he's not declared anything yet, a group headed up by president obama's former deputy press secretary bought the time this weekend and they're trying to highlight what they say are inconsistencies in the former massachusetts governor's record on healthcare and while romney tries to downplay that, the other major players stay seated on the side lines waiting to see if they want to play. and in washington, peter ducey, fox news. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff told the graduates of west point that they join a new kind of army, more than 1,000 cadets heard from the admiral who said the u.s. army understands the value ballots and culture and conflict. he asked the cadets to remember not to limit their personal mission. >> i will ask you to take on yet another duty. an obligation far more complex
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and yet just as important as small unit leadership. i'm going ask to you be a statesman as well as a soldier. i'm going to ask you to remember that you're citizens first and foremost. admiral mullen told the cadets if they can accomplish that goal, they can help civilians understand the work they do. coming up in sports, the beltway battle continues between the nats and os. the weather may have been beautiful, but the -- and that is pretty ugly. lindsay murphy is up next with more coming up. 
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>> greetings, i'm lindsay murphy. the nationals put up 17 runs last night against the orioles, the second time they have had shomers and 17 runs in a single game. the only other time, july 30th, 1978, as the montreal expos. today, the big question, would the magic continue for jim riggleman's voice in baltimore? scoreless in the third, the nats with two on for lance nix and the bouncer to brandon snider. jerry harrison scores and so would ian desmond. the nats take a 2-0 lead on that error and thank you very much. we go to the bottom of the inning, the man on first and nolan ryan facing him. that is a laser shot to left, the first home run of the year and tied up at 2 and still in the third, looking to get out of the inning and nick markakis
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hits it out of the reach. and lapse nix misplaces the ball allowing jones to score from 1st. the os up 3-2, leading 8-2 in the 8th. a trip to the final four is on the line tomorrow. a self-proclaimed underdog team, the unseated terps are eyeing a matchup against top- seeded syracuse and that is going down at noon in foxboro, massachusetts. 11-4, maryland, and 15-1 syracuse will meet the seventh time in post season play. the last time they met, it was the quarter finals of the tape ncaa tournament. second-seated orange topped the unseated terps 11-6 and tomorrow is a new ball game. what do you think, coach? very athletic, 15-1 and have shown that they're talented. it's a core group they have had for three, four years and they're looking for three out of four, you know, years of
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getting a championship. >> it's a battle between two big senior classes, you know. they have a lot of hype with their seven seniors and we have 17 seniors and we take pride in the maturity of our team, how well we, you know, how close we are to the team and that is two big factors of the game. >> the top-seeded terp women advance to the final four with a 15-6 win over princeton. they will face duke in the semi finals and on the men's side, the seventh-seeded virginia upseeded kornell and going, going, gone. sorry to say it, luke hancock is leaving the university and decided to transfer to louisville. this is according to the new head coach. he will sit out the upcoming season and will have two years of eligibility remains with the big east cardinals. hancock started 30 games last season and third on the team with scoring and he's been
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weighing the options after jim laranaga left for miami. dwayne rollson and the lightning looking to tie up the series with the bruins at two gails apiece. the 41-year-old struggled early and ends up 2-0 in the 1st. the short-handed to beat him again and with a thirty two-0 lead. -- 3-0 lead. he would be pulled and enter mike smith. down 3-2 in the second. the play-offs. sean bergen h eim and tied at 3. the same score in the third. on the attempted clear, boston turns it over and tampa bay takes advantage. gagne beats thomas, with the lightning up 4-3, winning 5-3 to tie the series up at two games apiece. and this just n the preakness winner shackleford. and we should be having
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bagels and cheese. >> and -- that five-day. >> you heard me is any. >> and what a beautiful day tomorrow. the heat and humidity, back with a vengeance by tuesday, 90 degrees. >> no thank you. >> oh, my goodness. >> and that is making me hot now. >> i know, right? >> that is it for us. we're back on after baseball. >> we'll see you then. bye-bye. e
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